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Trading Bootcamp

Blackwell Global invites you to join their brand new and exclusive "Trading Bootcamp", run by Professional Trader Simon Clarke of "Smack the Markets". Where you will learn the skills, techniques and trading strategies he uses every day in his own trading business.

Learn how to read price action to help predict the next move in a market

Discover the rules to his top 3 signature trading strategies

Learn in a live market environment and see the techniques he uses unfold in live price action

Your questions answered and receive ongoing support for as long as you need it

Professional traders will use a number of techniques to help them identify the cleanest currency trends to trade, and to time their trade entries for tight risk positions. In this webinar we will introduce the “Momentum Strategy” working through the key technical components to demonstrate how this straight forward strategy can be applied in the currency markets.

Topics will cover:

Identifying a quality currency market to trade.

Understanding the macro picture and how it can help your trading decision.

The technical components we use to identify a trade entry.

Straight forward risk and trade management rules.

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Simon Clarke

Webinar Leader - With over two decades of trading experience, Simon has hosted many training programs and seminars around the world. He has also been featured in a number of Trading publications including Trader's Magazine, and your Trading Edge.

Simon Clarke started his trading journey back in the mid 90’s trading options on a part time basis, later progressing to Tech stocks through the early 2000’s. Since then his focus has been trading Forex, commodities and futures markets.