Authorised and Regulated: FCA UK / GLOBAL

Blackwell Global Hong Kong Acquires New SFC Asset Management Licence

The brokerage pledges responsible multi-asset investment management services

Hong Kong, 23 Jan 2018 – Blackwell Global Hong Kong announces today the acquisition of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission asset management licence (SFC Type 9 Licence No. BJU094). Having built a wealth of resources and established market advantage through the Blackwell Global Group’s presence in multinational financial centers, the company is able to provide a wider range of global asset allocation investment options to its international clientele.

The acquisition of the type 9 licence is a new milestone for the company, and demonstrates the Group’s ambition to become a leader in the financial industry. The SFC metes out high regulatory and audit standards for finanicial institutions wishing to attain its licences. In addition to providing a sound business structure, capital adequacy ratio, a robust internal audit system as well as strict risk control measures, applicants must also have a wealth of financial knowledge, along with performance records to prove they are able to provide competent asset management services with honesty and tranparency. Even after obtaining the licence, the financial institution must maintain proper qualifications, in compliance with the SFC, which include regular auditing of accounts and financial reporting.

The brokerage aims to meet the increasing demands for a secure, one-stop investment solution provider, especially with the gateway opened via Stock Connect, paving the way for Chinese, and increasingly, international clients demanding a robust and firmly regulated financial services market. This new licence allows Blackwell Global Hong Kong to offer innovative asset management services comprising of listed stocks, fixed income and mutual funds to traders worldwide, with a strong focus on the markets in Europe, Greater China, New Zealand and Australia. The company, on its part, has invested in qualified investment specialists so as to responsibly advise clients on sound investment decisions and to help attain their financial objectives.

With the constantly changing economic climate, Blackwell Global is committed to identifying and creating new financial opportunities for its clients through its belief in innovation and service excellence. The newly acquired asset management licence adds on to the current securities and futures licences, offering an expanded range of investment services in adherence to the SFC regulatory requirements.