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Regulated Investment Management With The Comfort Of A Regulated Brokerage Platform

Blackwell Invest brings a new level of investor access to global markets with the security of regulated managers providing trading and investment solutions as well as a regulated brokerage account to provide you with market access and liquidity.


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What can you invest in

Our clients access markets using CFD's to leverage positions to capitalise on market movements.**

Global shares

Trade the world most popular US and global shares, including Apple, Tesla, Amazon & more. Market access using CFD's to Leverage your position to capitalise on market movements.


Access the worlds most liquid markets, and build your global markets strategy from the comfort of your own device.

Precious Metals & Commodities

From Gold to Oil to Wheat, trade CFD's correlated to the price of tangible assets or add them to your portfolio for diversification.

ETF'S & Mutual Funds

Instantly diversify your investments by trading derivatives tied to the performance of globally recognised ETF's & Funds.