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Blackwell Global UK Incorporates Bitcoin Into Their Range of Funding Methods

Inclusion of cryptocurrency demonstrates the brokerage welcoming the disruption of new technology

London, 23 Feb 2018 – Blackwell Global today announces the inclusion of Bitcoin to their range of funding methods, offering greater transactional flexibility for clients, as the usage and acceptance of Bitcoin gains global recognition.

Blackwell Global UK will be the first in the Blackwell Global group of companies to incorporate Bitcoin as a payment option, which includes the benefit of widespread acceptance regardless of country or currency type.

With Bitcoin as a new addition to the list of the company’s accepted currencies and payment methods, Blackwell Global is able to provide funding flexibility to cryptocurrency aficionados and clients that wish to leverage upon Bitcoin’s currency homogeneity. Accessed through Infinitum, the company’s proprietary client portal, clients that deposit with Bitcoin will see their balances funded in USD or EUR based on the prevailing rates of exchange between the respective currencies.

“Bitcoin uses ground-breaking technology that revolutionises the way people use money. The potential for security and global adoption lies in its innovation and improvement over time.” said Patrick Latchford, CEO of Blackwell Global UK, “We are excited to be a part of the blockchain movement.

As traders move beyond the long-established paradigms of trading, Blackwell Global will continue to embrace new technology and adapt itself in accordance with the financial industry, so as to provide its clients with innovative methods to suit their trading preferences. More information on Blackwell Global’s range of funding methods can be found at www.blackwellglobal.com/funding-methods.