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Blackwell Global uncovers Graeme Sharp’s “Super Sub” Strategy.

“Super Sub & Strategy” video to convey similarity of management tactics between football and trading.

London, 6 Dec 2018 – Blackwell Global announces today the launch of “Super Sub & Strategy” video on LinkedIn to illustrate effective tactics in football that can be used in trade management. The collaboration with Graeme Sharp builds on recent waves of interest received from both fans and traders of previous Everton campaigns. The video runs from the 6th – 14th of December and promises “The Trader Pack”, consisting of 3 months free access to The Trading Diary, a Virtual Private Server (VPS), MT4 Accelerator and Indicator Packages which will be given away to celebrate the launch.

In the interview, Graeme Sharp shares his knowledge of the “Super Sub” strategy. Born in 1960, Graeme Sharp is a former Scottish football player, who he himself has more than once been “the super-sub”, scoring last minute game-changing goals for his team. He played as a striker for a number of Premier League clubs and his stint with Everton has gone down in club history as the most successful of all.

“When you come on as a sub – you have to impact the game, you have the potential to become a hero,”

says Sharp. He stresses that sometimes, the game demands a change in strategy and managers finesse the makeup of the team by calling in players with certain skills to salvage the game.

Blackwell Global thinks it is not all that different from trading. When market changes direction, traders have to be nimble and make snap decisions in order to succeed. Professional traders often anticipate ahead of time and have backup plans for different scenarios, such as closing positions earlier to protect profits — the same way managers protect their lead by bringing in specialised defenders.

For more information, please visit https://blackwellglobal.com/graeme/.