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Blackwell’s Crypto Zone: A Trader’s Go-To Portal

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To coincide with the launch of all-new crypto CFD trading options, Blackwell Global is providing crypto traders with a crypto portal designed to educate and inform. The Crypto Zone is packed with articles, tools, indicators, how-to guides and more and is something that all cryptocurrency traders can use to their advantage. So let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

1. The MT4 Accelerator Pack

In collaboration with FXBlue Labs, Blackwell Global has integrated the MT4 Accelerator Pack into its proprietary MT4 trading platform. One of the pack’s main features is a Correlation Matrix tool, which helps spot correlations between two coins and any emerging trends between them.

This is important in the crypto space, where price correlation analysis is difficult, as compared to fiat currencies. For anyone who wants to trade in crypto CFDs with two or more pairs, correlation analysis becomes important in order to ascertain portfolio distribution and risk management. The pack also includes other features, such as Trading Alarms, Economic Calendar and Excel Trader, to simplify crypto trading.

2. Product Details and Tutorials

This section has informative video tutorials on blockchain concepts and investor safety. When it comes to complex blockchain terminologies and processes, video content is preferred by traders because it helps to easily explain trickier ideas. There are also videos on various trading strategies, such as day trading and swing trading, for the benefit of crypto traders.

3. The Crypto Trading Diary

Blackwell Global has collaborated with Chasing Returns to provide a unique tool that focuses on identifying psychological traits while trading. Through tools like Gameplan, Playmaker and Best Trades/Worst Trades, investors will be able to find their areas of strength and weaknesses. This will help inculcate disciplined trading, which is highly useful in the volatile crypto market.

4. Crypto CFDs with 15 Different Alt Coins

Blackwell Global has launched the largest ever crypto-CFD offering for its investors, with a chance to trade in 15 different coins from a single account. CFDs are highly risk-averse trading instruments, allowing traders to take advantage of both rising and falling markets. Moreover, they are derivatives meaning that traders will not actually need to own the underlying assets, but just speculate on their prices. The Crypto Zone’s indicators and tools help to provide a better insight into the crypto markets and inform crypto CFD trading decisions.

Crypto trading offers the chance for profits unlike any other financial instruments. At the same time, the market is highly unpredictable and volatile. Before deciding on investing in this space, therefore, it is crucial to learn more about it.

Blackwell Global aims to track the latest developments in the crypto market and provide all the latest information through its Crypto Zone. To start trading in crypto CFDs, visit Blackwell Global.