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Please be aware that due to the January holidays, there will be a change in trading hours for the following products:

*All the following times are shown in GMT.

Martin Luther
King Jr. Day

16 Jan
Lunar New

23 Jan
Lunar New

24 Jan
Lunar New

25 Jan

26 Jan
XAUUSD, XAGUSDEarly closure at 19:15NormalNormalNormalNormal
AUS200NormalNormalNormalNormalLate opening at 06:10
JP225Early closure at 18:00NormalNormalNormalNormal
US30Early closure at 18:00NormalNormalNormalNormal
US500Early closure at 18:00NormalNormalNormalNormal
US100Early closure at 18:00NormalNormalNormalNormal
USOilEarly closure at 19:15NormalNormalNormalNormal
UKOilEarly closure at 19:15NormalNormalNormalNormal

Please note that the Blackwell Global server time is currently set to GMT+2.

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All information is made as accurate as possible, but it is intended for guidance only, and is subject to change. Please refer to Blackwell Global’s News Updates for the latest details.