Authorised and Regulated: FCA UK / GLOBAL

This indicator compares Litecoin, Ethereum and the chosen current chart that you drag the indicator on (eg Bitcoin). It highlights where on the RSI each crypto sits. It can be used for pairs trading.


The Crypto Compare indicator allows the user to compare different Cryptos. In the Experts > Properties screen, you will be able to choose the name of a second and third pair, the colours, and the RSI period. The X and Y shift refers to the name on the chart.

Installation Instructions

  • Download Blackwell MT4 Platform
  • Open MT4
  • File > Open Data Folder
  • MQL4 > Indicators
  • Copy the indicator .ex4 file into the folder
  • Close and Restart MT4

To activate the indicator on a chart, please ensure that you can see Navigator on the left hand side of the MT4 platform (View > Navigator). Drag and drop the indicator on to a Crypto chart and now it will be activated