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Product in the Spotlight: Emercoin – The Coin for the Masses

Released in 2013, Emercoin almost touched the $400 million mark in January 2018. The coin, which has been heralded as a better version of Bitcoin, in allowing programming novices to create decentralised applications, is fast gaining a foothold in the crypto market. The roadmap for Emercoin, 2018 onwards, looks quite promising for long-term investors, with a new spurt in its marketing drive to create awareness and spread news of its partnerships with important names.

It already has the advantage of Bitcoin’s security and reliability. Security is one of the prime issues troubling many smart contract platforms, including Ethereum, at the moment. Emercoin promises a reliable and multi-use platform for developers, and if it lives up to its promises, it might surpass the bigger league smart contract protocols in the market.

Why Does the Future of Emercoin Look Enticing?

The biggest appeal of Emercoin is the fact that it works on providing blockchain benefits to the layman. It is termed as the “practical coin for non-techies.” In the future, the success of a crypto coin will hugely depend on the ease with which an average person, one who is not very tech-savvy, uses it. Blockchain and its benefits can only be propagated by products that can solve the day-to-day problems of ordinary people. Emercoin works on such principles. Here’s a look at some of the factors that are likely to drive the future of Emercoin.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Approach

On average, a person who doesn’t understand the concept of “solidity” will not be able to build anything useful on Ethereum. Emercoin uses a BaaS approach, through the Emerson Platform. In 2016, it collaborated with Microsoft to deliver a suite of blockchain services to the Azure cloud, enabling users to access services like “Peer-to-Peer distributed advertising network,” network security and digital proof of ownership. These led to an increase in the use of the currency, and a double growth in its price. It also joined hands with OpenLedger, to enable decentralised trading of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to create several types of unique assets.

As the adoption of blockchain increases, the value of Emercoin is also likely to grow.

Enhanced Network Security

The coin uses blockchain-based authentication, including online protections that function without the need of complex passwords. Since this is a cloud-based service, there is no need for developers to build the security infrastructure from scratch. This feature holds huge scope for its adoption by major fintech corporations, financial institutions and even government agencies.

Digital Proof-of-Ownership

Emercoin uses a technology called EMCDNS, which provides users with infrastructure that supports SSL certificates. EMCSTREAM, which is a micropayment library, helps streamline user access to digital media content. This makes the platform very useful for services like vehicle registration and ownership, land ownership and even issues related to copyright infringements. The system is immutable, and once this platform sees mass adoption for varied uses, particularly in the music industry where piracy and misuse is rampant, its value will surge.

Future Partnerships

In 2019, Emercoin is looking at a planned integration into Bitfury’s Exonum Protocol, which will allow businesses and individuals to build decentralised applications within a reliable environment. Together, both teams will assist the US State Department and the Coca Cola Company to build systems that increase transparency and efficiency of the verification process related to labour policies in the supply chain. The idea behind this is to create a secure registry, which will combat the issues of forced labour worldwide. We can expect the value of Emercoin to surge when this technology goes mainstream.

Experts suggest that investing in Emercoin’s ability to help build a range of projects, including games, networking, research projects and even tech projects, is just like investing in Bitcoin when it was unknown. Look at the value of Bitcoin today. People who had the vision to predict the future growth of Bitcoin are millionaires today. However, the crypto space is hugely volatile and unpredictable, and much thought and research is needed before making any decision.

Trading Emercoin

The performance of Emercoin has been stable since its inception in 2013. Its integration into valuable projects has helped its value surge over the years. In June 2017, a single EMC was worth $1.69. As of May 21 2018, the value of one EMC is $3.09. People are slowly realising the true potential of this emerging blockchain.

EMC trading pairs are being offered on major crypto exchanges. Investors can either directly buy the coin using USD or trade it in exchange for other cryptocurrencies. However, processing times for buying on these exchanges are slower. Moreover, the stories surrounding compromised wallets and unregulated exchanges are somewhat scary.

It would, perhaps, be a wise decision to rather trade Emercoin through CFDs, where you will not actually hold the asset but trade based on price movements.

Emercoin Prices

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Why Trade Emercoin CFDs?

CFDs will allow you to assume positions both in rising and falling markets, giving greater flexibility. They also allow faster transaction times, which is a prime requirement in the volatile crypto market. They can be traded on the robust MT4 and MT5 platforms. You will just have to right-click on ‘MarketWatch’ and select ‘ShowAll’. Emercoin CFDs, along with all other coins available for trading will be visible in the list for you to choose. The key is to make informed predictions of future price movements to make the most of CFD trading.