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Professional Trading

Discover the features of our Professional Trading service below and find out what it means to become a Professional trader with one of the UK’s leading online trading providers. Check the qualifying criteria to assess your eligibility.

Professional Trading Conditions

Higher leverage

Pro accounts are not subject to leverage caps, which ESMA believes could lead to poor outcomes.

Personal Account Manager

Expert support direct from our dedicated support team.

Best Execution

We’ll maintain our commitment to offer the best possible execution.

Sophisticated language

We will use more sophisticated language in our communications to pro clients.

Eligibility criteria

You need to be a Blackwell Global account holder and meet two of the three criteria below to become a Professional trader:

  • Over €500k of liquid assets excluding your house of residence if you own it.
  • Relevant experience in financial services.
  • Traded at least 10 times, of significant size, in each of the last 4 quarters.

Check your eligibility as a Professional Trader

Important to note

Please be aware that if you choose to register as a Professional trader with any CFD provider, you will lose the protections afforded to clients classified as ‘Retail’ under FCA rules. The main protections you will lose are:

Negative Balance Protection – you will be responsible for keeping your account balance positive and you could lose more than the sum you have invested
Leverage – by gaining access to higher leverage you risk magnifying your losses
Communication – we will use more sophisticated language when promoting our products and we will not be required to provide you with the standardised risk warning we provide to ‘Retail’ clients
Best Execution – the factors we consider when determining the delivery of Best Execution may differ between Retail and Professional clients
Products – we will assess how appropriate a product is based on your knowledge and experience

Not eligible?

You can still trade over the markets on our award-winning platform with a retail account, with the added bonus of negative balance protection.

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If you are a Professional Trader looking for professional trading conditions, look no further. Our ECN Professional Account is specifically designed for experienced traders.


Enjoy Professional Trading Conditions

We’re proud to support our Professional traders with first-class trading conditions. Open your ECN Professional Account today and enjoy:

  • Competitive Spreads

Take advantage of competitive spreads, starting from 0.1 pips.

  • Tier 1 Liquidity

With Tier 1 Liquidity, you can trade with ultimate peace of mind.

  • Fast Execution

Open and close positions with lightning-fast execution.

  • Higher Leverage

You can access higher leverage on your account.

  • Personal Account Manager

Get priority support from your very own Personal Account Manager.

  • Segregated Funds

Negative Balance Protection – never lose more than your deposit.


Trade 85+ Instruments (CFDs) with your Professional Trader Account

Trade 10+ of the world’s major stock indices – including US100, UK100 and DE30.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Trade 20+ cryptocurrency CFDs – including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trade 50+ Forex CFDs – including a selection of major, minor and exotic pairs.

Trade 4+ commodity CFDs – including precious metals and oil.


Ultimate Peace Of Mind


Blackwell Global is regulated by the FCA. Client funds are protected by the FCSC.


Client funds are protected by industry-leading protocols.


Blackwell Global is GDPR compliant – we will never share your data.


Start Trading as a Professional Trader

Open your ECN Professional Account in three simple steps.

Complete Application Form

Before opening your account, we need to verify your professional status.

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Download MT4 and trade via your desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Trade more than 85+ products (FX, CFDs, commodities and cryptos).