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Top 10 Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter

Top 10 Forex Traders to Follow on Twitter

In recent years, there has been a surge in financial services Twitter activity. Not only have expert traders started sharing key elements of their strategies, market movements and quarterly outlooks, but major financial institutions, including government and regulatory bodies, are now releasing market fundamentals and breaking news to millions of people through their tweets.

Then there are country leaders like US President, Donald Trump, who tweets about everything under the sun, from the financial markets to diplomatic relations, regulations, Federal Reserve policies and even throwing a tantrum or two on Twitter.

In short, it is vital for traders to remain active on this platform, to get the latest market news, sentiment vibes and information regarding important geo-political developments. So, which Twitter accounts should you follow for all this? Here are the top 10 accounts that are rich sources of trading information.

1.     Rudy Havenstein

Follow the twitter account of Rudy Havenstein for insightful and witty market analysis. The account has over 46.2K followers. Rudy is a financial historian, specialising in inflation. Expect a lot of analysis on Central Bank monetary policies and the role of inflation in driving world economies. With plenty of pictures and market trivia, this one is a good account to follow.

2.     Steve Burns

Founder of NewTraderU.com, Steve Burns shares critical insights into the world of trading and offers plenty of tips for newbies looking to gain a strong foothold in the financial markets. The best thing is that he is very regular with his tweets. Whether it is important fundamental concepts or workings of various technical indicators under specific market conditions, the account is a good source of information for 168K followers.

3.     Peter Brandt

A professional commodities trader, author and publisher, Peter L Brandt has one of the most active and engaging Twitter accounts. It is a must for anyone involved in the financial markets, as well as the average investor. If you are an avid chart trader, this is the account to gain knowledge from. Apart from plenty of tips regarding charting principles, Peter also provides useful advice on trader psychology.

4.     John Bollinger

Does the name sound familiar? Of course it does, given that John Bollinger is the inventor of the well-known technical indicator, Bollinger Bands. This indicator is widely used by traders to judge over-supplied and over-bought conditions. You can gain a wealth of information regarding tools for technical analysis from this account. John provides insights into the crypto markets as well.

5.     Arnaud Jeulin-Mataf

An active forex trader, Arnaud Jeulin-Mataf has plenty so say about trading the live markets, risk management, trading psychology and back-testing. Also included are tweets about upcoming economic releases and events that could impact the global financial markets. Traders can get tips to maneuver live charts and ways to develop their own technical indicators on platforms like MT4 and MT5. Arnaud also talks a lot about regulations and their impact on daily trading to his 65.2K followers.

6.     Marc Walton

Marc Walton is a certified forex mentor and trainer. Check out his account to see new forex fundamentals and tips on treading through volatile conditions, such as Brexit and the US-China trade war. He shares plenty of articles and tutorials from other sources as well, apart from his own trading blog, including forex webinars.

7.     Kim Krompass

Kim Krompass is a price action trader, and shares insights from her YouTube channels and blog as well. Aside from her personal opinions, the account is also full of stories and news published on other premium market news sources, such as Bloomberg and MarketWatch. Her tweets also include information on and tips to deal with market sentiments and trader psychology. There are currently more than 10K followers for this account.

8.     Jamie Saettele

Founder of a trading firm and author of Sentiment in the Forex Market, Jamie Saettele has a wide following on Twitter. The best part about following his account are the regular webinars that he posts on trading strategies, best suited for the current market conditions. Jamie offers his 51K followers, detailed insights into upcoming market trends and ways to deal with them via various trading platforms. He also shares tips and thoughts of fellow traders, which helps traders gain different perspectives.

9.     Michael Boutros

A currency strategist with DailyFX, Michael Boutros has a deep understanding of the world of forex trading and loves sharing his viewpoints. Expect plenty of live forex and commodities charts on his feed, along with market commentaries. He has over 41.3K followers on Twitter, consisting of new and professional traders, financial journalists and prominent brokerages.

10.      Mandi

Mandi is a trader by profession, although her area of expertise is mostly behavioural finance, the science of how investor psychology and attitudes drive the global economic and financial markets. You can also gain information about upcoming trader summits and conferences, which she attends quite frequently. She shares a lot of tips for traders to control their emotions and ways to manage money efficiently.

These are only 10 of the popular trader accounts on Twitter. There are many other communities on Facebook and LinkedIn as well, on which traders are active in large numbers. Being a part of a community is a great experience, for learning and improving upon your investing skills. However, make sure you make informed decisions after careful consideration and research. Rather than following a mass sentiment, it is vital to stay focused on trends and overall economic projections. So, an economic calendar and a trading diary can be critical tools for any trader, new or experienced. Anything that is learnt from external sources should be first tried on forex demo accounts before using them on the live markets.

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