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Top 5 Forex News Sites

Top 5 Forex News Sites

Currency prices move in tandem with major news releases around the globe. Events like election results, natural disasters, war, release of economic reports, appointment of a new central bank chairperson and many other geo-political occurrences influence the forex markets. For a trader, it is a challenge to find reliable sources of news about such happenings, especially since there is so much information available today due to increased global connectivity. The sheer number of country-specific websites, news channels and other services is huge.

So, here’s a look at 5 of the most reliable sources of forex news, which are time-tested and highly coveted. They offer round-the-clock coverage of market data, daily news and important updates in the business world.

1. Reuters

Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, one of the largest international multimedia news providers, with a daily follower base of over 1 billion people. It provides reliable financial, business and international news, directly to consumers at Reuters.com and also through Reuters TV.

Founded in 1850, the company is known for its real-time breaking news and high-impact global multimedia content. Over 2,500 journalists and 600 photo journalists, based across more than 200 locations worldwide, are responsible for their award-winning coverage of important topics, on a day-to-day basis, including finance, politics, business, technology, environment and much more.

The Reuters platform has released over 2.5 million unique news stories. In addition, they bring world-class industry research and analysis reports from industry experts and institutions like Oxford University to provide valuable insights into emerging trends in the financial industry. You can also access their fortnightly newsletters, live webinars and podcasts, suited to your specific needs.

2. The Wall Street Journal

For years, WSJ has been a prime source of information for market players on Wall Street and beyond. The international multimedia corporation provides print news, online news updates, newsletters, podcasts, financial TV access, email alerts, magazine articles and such like on everything from technology to real-estate, politics to arts and culture.

The WSJ is owned by Dow Jones & Company. Their institutional access is unmatched in this field. The WSJ Pro Central Banking site is especially dedicated to global financial market participants. It extensively covers the stock, forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, futures and technology markets. There is an economic calendar, with options to get customised alerts.

Individuals can get all economic releases at their fingertips. Subscription charges have to be paid for detailed data reports and commentaries from industry leaders.

Also useful, is the Financial News site, another WSJ site for investors and traders. Based in London, it offers unique insights into how the forthcoming Brexit negotiations will affect currency traders. There is a special section covering the ongoing event.

3. Bloomberg

One of the biggest brands in the financial news world is Bloomberg. It is a world leader in market data and financial news services, and has a separate section, called Bloomberg Markets, especially for traders and investors. Here, you can find forex news releases, analysis reports, market commentaries and videos along with short-term future developments for currencies.

The site also covers macroeconomic events, political news reports and insights into other markets like equities, commodities, bonds and cryptocurrencies. Categorisation in terms of regions will help you find relevant news articles. Bloomberg Markets features stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News too, on everything related to the financial markets. For those interested, the brand also has radio and financial TV services.

Traders and investors would already be aware of the Bloomberg Terminal, an integral piece of software that gives news and financial information to over 325,000 of the world’s business decision makers. Market participants are connected to important data analytics and trading tools. The terminal has brought transparency into the world of finance, helping its subscribers turn knowledge into action.

4. MarketWatch.com

Another offering of the Dow Jones Network, MarketWatch is also a pioneer in the field of financial information distribution. The site is one of the biggest innovators of investment tools and data, business news, personal finance and money management stories, videos and market briefs from locations in the US, Europe and Asia. It offers subscription products for traders and investors, including ETF Trader and Retirement Weekly.

You can customise email and newsletters settings to get the latest news straight to your inbox. There are premium newsletters, to give you access to exclusive tips, analysis and actionable ideas, which can help you reach your investment goals. You can also access the MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange, where you can trade stocks in real-time using your virtual portfolio, compete against your friends and colleagues, and get access to plenty of educational resources.

5. CNN Money

CNN Money is an exclusive financial news and information site that is operated by CNN. This international multimedia giant provides coverage across every industry sector, including automobiles, fashion and architecture, across the world. Get to know more about the most active stocks on its ticker board or check real-time currency prices. There are plenty of videos that feature industry experts and economists in interviews, talking about how particular events have affected the worldwide markets. You can also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed to get news directly delivered to your desktop.

Tracking important news is an important part of fundamental analysis in the forex markets. Understanding how the forex markets respond to these news reports and taking timely action is crucial for achieving your investment goals. Along with such free and paid online services, traders can also access applications and programmes to get customised news reports directly on their computer or mobile device. There are other forex news aggregator sites for your help too. But always remember to choose reliable sources.


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