Authorised and Regulated: FCA UK / GLOBAL

Irish technology company Chasing Returns and international forex and CFDs brokerage Blackwell Global today announced a major new partnership. The award-winning Blackwell Global is integrating the Chasing Returns suite of performance management products, increasing advantage for its retail clients.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Blackwell Global,” said Chasing Returns CEO Ann Hunt, who launched the Chasing Returns service in 2016. “Chasing Returns and Blackwell Global share a commitment to innovation and service excellence, and both companies prioritise the interests of the trader. We have a shared dedication to helping traders to improve their trading skills and perform at their best.”

CEO of Blackwell Global Investments (UK) Patrick Latchford commented, “Clients often ask me about how to improve their trading skills and the answer I usually give is, “Understand your weaknesses, control your emotional bias, and be disciplined in your strategies”. Chasing Returns is the best tool I’ve seen to give traders that insight. It takes the complex and makes it simple to understand where they can improve their risk management, all in a simple and easy to use dashboard.”

Chasing Returns provides a suite of professional tools that has never before been available to retail traders. Chasing Returns statistically analyses trading data to map the behavioural habits of an individual. Traders can understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and use them to find new trading edge.

“We often underestimate how crucial our psychology is to our trading,” said Hunt. “About 60% of trading success is down to personal psychology – knowing how you behave under certain circumstances. We often have a distorted view of our own performance, and that’s where Chasing Returns comes in. Our clear data visualization helps traders gain insight into their habits. What you can measure, you can manage.”

Blackwell Global clients will enjoy a seamless integration with Chasing Returns. As clients trade, their live data will sync with Chasing Returns, providing them with extensive analysis in real time. Traders can start finding edge from as little as 100 trades and 3 weeks trading history.

“The ability to monitor performance regularly should be an important ingredient on the road to trading successfully,” concluded Latchford. “Blackwell Global’s goal is to give our trading partners the tools they need to trade with confidence.”